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I�ve always been afraid to try Advocare-performance-elite products because I was intimidated by sports performance products in general. I thought you had to be an Olympic athlete in order to have the privilege of using sports performance products.

But I wanted to reach new endurance goals (at least 45 minutes per workout, 5 days a week) and I thought Advocare- performance-elite products might be able to help.

To be honest, I was also afraid of growing hair in embarrassing places and looking like a Russian bodybuilder. But that didn�t happen. Read on to see how Advocare� performance elite products worked for me and can help you reach your fitness goals, too.

Muscle Fuel� Pre-Workout Drink

Advocare� Muscle Fuel� Pre-Workout Drink is delicious and simple to take. It�s fruit punch-flavored; just mix with 8 ounces of water and drink 15-30 minutes before your workout.

I took it before my Body Pump class, which I hadn�t taken for 10 days. While I was still sore the next day (Advocare� Post-Workout Recovery Drink will help with that), I was able to keep up with the class and still do 10 minutes of cardio afterwards.

I also used it before getting on the elliptical trainer at my gym and lasted for 50 minutes. I could have kept going but I didn�t want to overdo it!

The drink is energizing and keeps you alert and focused while working out.

I've broken the fear barrier surrounding Advocare-performance- elite products. I know I'll be trying more. I�ll keep you posted...
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