Advocare wellness products

The key to wellness is providing good nutrition for your body through the foods we eat. Advocare wellness products are available to help where there�s a lack in the quality of food we eat. They are not meant to replace, but supplement a balanced diet.

Herbal Cleanse (Intestinal Cleanse)

Advocare wellness products are designed to help you enjoy health inside and outside of your body. One very important part of your body that is vital to your health is your intestines. A regular intestinal cleanse, is a very important part of a health and wellness program.

Years of eating processed foods results in fecal matter building up on the inside of your colon. If you don�t clean this out on a regular basis (many doctors recommend a intestinal cleanse every 3 months), your body will not absorb the nutrients that you take in through your food and other supplements.

You can also become vulnerable to sickness because your body is essentially absorbing poisonous fecal matter that is stuck to the sides of your colon. Yuck!

Advocare wellness products include Herbal Cleanse,a really simple and easy to use product that first cleanses your colon of bad bacteria and then replaces it with good bacteria.

It�s safe because it�s designed by Advocare�s Scientific and Medical Advisory Board. The result is a healthy intestine and many people report weight loss after doing it since you are encouraged to avoid fried foods and sugar while doing the cleanse.

Coreplex Drink

In today�s world, it is a good idea to supplement your healthy diet with vitamins and minerals in a concentrated form.

The truth is that half the food we eat is highly processed and does not include the core nutrients we need. Unless you buy organic, the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is depleted because of the soil they are grown in.

Many people may realize that they need supplements but won't because they have a difficult time swallowing pills. So Advocare developed Coreplex Drink, which is designed to give you all of the core vitamins and nutrients you need in an easy to swallow effervescent drink. It also enters your system faster because it's in liquid form and so it's more effective.

What's wrong with "discount store" supplements?

Here's where that old saying "you get what you pay for" really is true. Because vitamin and mineral supplements are not regulated by the FDA, all these "discount" vitamin makers have to do is include a trace amount of what's mentioned on the label in order for them to be sold as that product. The rest is filler. Most people don't expect to feel any different when they are taking supplements so they think it's just fine.

With Advocare wellness products, the "proof is in the pudding", to use another well-worn phrase. You will actually look, feel and perform better using any of Advocare's products. If not, there's a money-back guarantee and I doubt that you could find a discount vitamin store out there who will offer that to you.

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