Advocare Thermoplus gives your weight loss program a boost!

If your weight loss has �plateaued� or you are looking to improve the way your metabolism works, there�s a new product on the market...Advocare Thermoplus. The key botanical extracts found in Advocare Thermoplus work together to stimulate metabolism so that calories consumed are used more effectively and to suppress your appetite.
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Key ingredients in Thermoplus

  • Sage extract has antioxidant properties that increase energy levels and fat oxidation (when exposure to oxygen causes fat to be burned for energy).Also, it affects brain cell receptors that influence food intake and appetite control.
  • oolong tea extract is partially fermented from camellia senesis leaf. Polyphenols and other elements help stimulate process of calorie burning and provides better appetite control.
  • Guarana extract provides energy through caffeine (about a half a cup of coffee) as well as stimulating metabolic rate and is also known to improve thermogenesis.

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