You On a Diet book review

If you're on a diet, get the You On A Diet book by Michael F. Roizen, M.D. and Mehmet C. Oz, MD. Dr Oz is a frequent guest on the Oprah Winfrey show who comes on to answer common health questions for Oprah’s audience and viewers.
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You On A Diet is the best diet book I’ve ever read because it first teaches you what’s happening to your body when you eat and then what happens when you overeat.

The illustrations and comic strips help you visualize what’s going on when you eat that cheeseburger so that when the cravings strike, you are less likely to indulge.

And finally, a doctor seriously addresses the impact of emotional eating on your health in the section called “The Science of the Mind”. In one chapter called “The Chemistry of Emotions: The Connections between Feelings and Food”, he explains how the imbalance of chemicals in your brain can cause you to overeat. In some cases, the effect of craving high fat, high sugar foods is compared to the same effect that drug addicts feel when they are craving drugs. It also satisfies the same part of your brain that is experiencing that imbalance. The other chapter in this section, “Shame on Who? The Psychology of the Failed Diet” describes exactly how the typical yo-yo dieter operates and how they're thinking needs to change.

Tips and Strategies in You On a Diet book

Every chapter in the You On a Diet book has strategies that you can use to overcome these dieting pitfalls. Helpful tips called Factoids are sprinkled throughout the book that you can use to achieve what they call “Waist Management”. One factoid that I’ve tried successfully is to eat a small amount of nuts (a small handful) before your meals so that you feel fuller sooner and won’t eat as much. Here’s the factoid that this tip is based on:
    Eating nuts does not create the caloric intake that you might expect, because 5 to 15 percent of the calories are not absorbed by the intestinal system. That’s because the nuts’ skin and how well we chew nuts influence digestion. An added bonus: The slow release throughout the intestinal system leads to prolonged satiety.

There are also Myth Busters in every chapter. Here are some examples:

    The biggest battle in dieting involves willpower.

    The fullness of your stomach is what tells you to stop eating.

    Diets are mostly about calorie control.

Included in the You On a Diet book is a 20 minute workout, a 14 Day Diet and Exercise plan, a sample eating schedule, a shopping list, fast food suggestions, tricks to use at your favorite restaurants and You On a Diet recipes, of course.

You on a Diet is really about developing the lifestyle that all fitness experts say is necessary to be healthy. It's easy to understand and only slightly harder to follow because of the fundamental changes you need to make in your mindset.

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