Antioxidants benefits

What are antioxidants benefits? First, a definition of antioxidants; ďa group of compounds produced by the body that occur naturally in many foodsĒ.

Antioxidants work together to maintain our heath and energy and protect us from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals start the oxidation process that cause your body to decay and age. Scientists believe that free radicals are the cause of nearly every known disease and especially the aging process.

Think of your body as an apple. What happens when you slice an apple open and leave it out on the table? After a while, it starts to brown and the meat of the apple starts to get slimy and decompose. That happens because the inside of the apple is exposed to oxygen. Itís called oxidation and itís a natural aging process that happens to the human body, too, whenever itís exposed to oxygen.

Back to the appleÖhow can you stop this oxidation from happening? A lot of cooks know the secretÖsprinkle some lemon juice on your apples and it will preserve it.

How antioxidants benefit you?

Scientists have also identified vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can do the same thing for the human body. There are many antioxidants that work independently to protect your body but there are 5 that are more powerful when they work together: Vitamin C (thatís why the lemon juice works for the apple!) Vitamin E, glutathione, lipoic acid and CoQ10. (Coenzyme Q10).

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are not produced in the body but must be absorbed through food. Glutathione, lipoic acid and CoQ10 are produced by the body but amounts decline as we age so itís strongly recommended that you supplement as you get older to avoid effects of premature aging.

Avoid disease and the doctor's office!

So what does all this mean to you? Do you want to grow old gracefully? Do you want to be active and healthy through your 40ís, 50ís, 60ís and beyond? Do you want to avoid disease as you get older or do you want to spend more time sitting in a doctorís office? Do you want to be on lots of prescription medicines and end up sick in a nursing home as you age?

If you want to live your life to its fullest, you should really make the investment now in a good program of eating healthy foods that have antioxidants benefits. Also, take a good quality multivitamin that contains plenty of the key antioxidants you need to fight diseases and slow down the aging process.

How can you be sure your supplements work?

I've been using a brand of supplements that are easily absorbed and increase the amount of antioxidants in your body. I know they work because I can prove it!

I was using another brand of supplements for over 4 years. And even though I felt pretty healthy, I wanted to be able to prove it somehow.

One day, I was surfing the internet and came across this article about a new health technology that can actually prove how well your supplements work. I wanted to try it so that I could brag about the antioxidants benefits I was getting in my supplements.

Well, I was very surprised to find out that my level of antioxidants was pretty average. And in fact, I was in danger of health problems because they weren't high enough. I felt very foolish, knowing that I've spent literally thousands of dollars on these vitamins that I used to take.

I decided to try another brand of vitamins for a couple of months and get tested again. Wow, I was amazed to see that my antioxidant score increased over one third after using these new supplements for only 2 months.

At first I thought that they had rigged this test so that I would get a higher score after I changed to the new supplements. But after doing some independent research, I found clinical trials that specifically tested this new health technology against blood samples and it showed that the test was as accurate as traditional blood tests.

That made a believer out of me! If you're interested in knowing more about these supplements, request a catalog below. Enter your email address, too, and I can send you a CD that tells more about the test I took.

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Skin care and antioxidants benefits

Your skin can reap antioxidants benefits ,too. More and more skin care products are touting the addition of Vitamin C to their face cream formulas. Just like the apple example above, this particular vitamin can slow the aging process on your face.

However, the Vitamin C has to active in order to work properly. You can tell by rubbing some of your favorite skin care product on the cut side of an apple to see if it has active Vitamin C in it. If it browns right away, you've got a bad apple and a bad skin care product. Return to Home of Healthy Living for Moms

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