Can a christian weight loss program be right for you?

Within the last 20 years, christian weight loss programs have become more and more popular as people have enjoyed some success with these unique diet plans.

Relying on God for help in overcoming the "pull of food" is the main focus of these programs but they all differ in their approach and resources.

I have only tried a few christian weight loss programs so here is my objective review of what to expect and how I did on the programs that Iíve tried.

Most popular christian diets

The Weigh Down Workshop is the most controversial of these ďGod-focusedĒ programs. The main theme is that you need to change your heart, not the food. It teaches you to first recognize hunger and fullness. Then it shows you how to eat anything you want until youíre full and then how to stop without overindulging. It shows you how to resist eating outside of those hunger and fullness signals and instead turn to God for strength and help.

    When I tried this program, I weighed 20 pounds less than I weigh now. I was able to do as instructed at the beginning but because of my risk of diabetes, eating anything I wanted was dangerous. I believe that a certain level of spiritual maturity and standard of physical health is required to be successful with the Weigh Down Workshop program.I wasnít spiritually or physically healthy enough to be successful on it.

Be very careful with the teachings of WDW. Many people believe that Gwen Shamblin, founder of the WDW, has taken some scriptures out of context within this program to prove her points. Be discerning about what you hear within this program as it relates to the written word of the Bible.

Lose It For Life program is similar to WDW in that it trains you to examine your reasons for eating when you are not hungry. But it also offers a healthy eating and exercise plan with support from an on-line forum. In fact, if you donít want to use their eating plan, you can use LIFL to supplement the diet program you are already on such as the South Beach or Weight Watchers plan.

First Place is a Christian weight loss program similar to Weight Watchers in that it is based on a healthy food exchange plan and requires attendance at a weekly meeting. The differences are that you have a Bible study that goes along with it and the support and encouragement is biblically-based.

Thin Within seems to be a combination of the Weigh Down Diet and First Place in that it teaches the concept f recognizing hunger/fullness but emphasizes a healthy balanced diet when you do get hungry. It helps you to recognize emotional eating a little better and how to deal with it effectively with Godís help.

Maker's Diet christian weight loss program calls people to return to the diet that God originally designed for us. Eating whole, organic foods are the basis for the diet and it also includes fasting. There are many food restrictions and complicated menu planning, too.

Christian weight loss programs have an extra added bonus when you include God in the plan. If the program promotes a balanced healthy eating plan with exercise and reliance on God, you will succeed as long as you commit to following the program.

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