What types of food increase metabolism?

Will eating a certain type of food increase metabolism?

Eating 4 – 6 ounces of protein can ignite one of your body's fat-burning mechanisms: the production of the hormone glucagon. Glucagon signals your body to move dietary fat into your bloodstream and use it for energy rather than just store it. When you don't eat enough protein, your metabolism slows because your body breaks down muscle to meet its protein needs. When you lose muscle, you lose a key calorie-burner.

You can lose 5 pounds fast by manipulating foods and increasing your exercise. Or you can take it a little slower with these suggestions:

Eat foods high in B Vitamins or supplement your diet with a B vitamin complex because it is a cofactor in hundreds of different metabolic processes that take place within your body's cells to convert glucose, fatty acids and amino acids into usable forms of energy by your body. It won't burn fat but it will metabolize fat and help you to lose weight if combined with the right diet and amount of exercise.

A daily serving of fish (4 to 6 ounces of salmon, mackerel, or sardines with lunch or dinner two to three times a week)high in omega-3s is a good food increase metabolism.

The connection between green tea extract and thermogenesis is a proven fact. If you really want to increase your metabolism with green tea, avoid the popular "green tea drinks" popular in your local supermarket. They don't pack the punch that a high quality green tea extract supplement will have on your metabolism.

Spices in your food increase metabolism, according to Jennifer Workman, R.D., a dietitian in Boulder, Colo., and author of Stop Your Cravings (Free Press, 2001). Spices have thermogenic, or heating, properties that increase fat burn, she explains.

Try a 1/2 teaspoon per serving of



    black pepper





    wasabi powder(Japanese horseradish)

    fresh chiles




Another way that food increasses metabolism is by eating breakfast within one hour of getting up in the morning.

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