Free fast weight loss tips

Free fast weight loss tips can help you be successful with your weight loss program. Try a few of these diet tips and tricks and see which one works for you.

Tips for healthy weight loss

Drink ice water. For your body to absorb ice water, it has to warm up the water to room temperature. This process revs up your metabolism and burns up to 40 calories.

Laughter is the best medicineYou can walk 5 minutes on the treadmill or just enjoy a big belly laugh. It burns the same amount of calories and makes you feel good.

Brush your teeth and tongue when you�re tempted to eat at night That�s when many of us are most often tempted to cheat on our diets. The clean taste of your mouth will discourage you from eating anything else before bedtime.

Create a �snack budget� Give yourself a set amount of calories that you can use to eat whatever you want. If you decide to blow it on a cookie, that�s okay. You�ll get it out of your system without falling off your diet. And if you choose to eat celery with those �extra� calories, good for you!

Drink something warm Warm liquids like tea, bouillon and sugar free flavored coffee can trick your brain into thinking your stomach is full.

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Burn at least 10 percent more calories with good posture Avoid slouching when sitting in a chair while you read or watch TV or at the dinner table.

Don�t ignore your sweet tooth If you really must have something sweet, try sucking on a chocolate or caramel flavored hard candy. There are lots to choose from in the grocery store. They will satisfy your craving for sweets at a fraction of the calories.

Use spices in your cooking The right herbs and spices can make low fat foods taste better and the heat from hotter spices increase your metabolism at the same time.

Eat soup before your meal A tasty low calorie soup is nutritious and can help you feel full faster. Then, you won�t eat as much once you start eating your main dish.

Try these free fast weight loss tips to lose 5 pounds fast and jump start your weight loss plan.

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