Yes, healthy fast food is on the menu!

When you think of healthy foods, you might not think healthy fast food is even possible but today’s consumer is demanding and getting better meal options. They’ve made the restaurant industry aware that they will spend money on fast food if it's healthy and tastes good, too.

This trend is really not that new. Fast food restaurants have been trying to include fast food choices that are healthy for years. But the products that were developed did not satisfy the consumer. They were, quite frankly, yucky. Remember the veggie burger?

No restaurant has done a better job,(in my opinion) at making healthy fast food taste as good as Mcdonald’s restaurants. They’ve been widely criticized and blamed for the obesity rate in the United States among adults and children.

But in the past few years, they’ve been successfully developing healthy and delicious alternatives for adults to eat while their kids indulge in happy meals. At McDonald's fast food web site you'll be pleasantly surprised at the healthy info available, including advice from Oprah’s personal trainer Bob Greene and author Dr. Dean Ornish.

If you need nutritional info on their menu items, they’ve put together a fun way to figure it all out (you pick your menu item from a drop down list and then drag it into the Mcdonald’s bag). It tells you complete nutrition info so if you are a weight watcher or count your calories, you can make good choices based on the info they give you.

Some good healthy fast food options to try include

  • Any of the premium salads, especially the new Asian salad. Fabulous-tasting and great for your waist line at 290 calories!
  • Fruit and Yogurt salad is a delicious healthy dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth. It includes apples, grapes and yogurt with a small bag of candied walnuts. (Walnuts add a little bit of unnecessary sugar but it takes it to the next level as far as taste goes.)
  • Premium grilled chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun...420 calories. Yum!

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Other healthy fast food choices

Lest you think this is a Mcdonald’s commercial, here are some healthy fast food choices at other restaurants:

Chipotle - eat it without the tortilla! You’ll save about 340 calories! Skip the sour cream and go light on the cheese for a healthy and satisfying meal. It’s still a hefty price tag at 719 calories (chicken, lettuce, black beans, rice, corn salsa and tomato salsa). Rice is the biggest part of that mix…240 calories, so you can get rid of that if you want.

Quizno’s Sierra smoked turkey with raspberry chipotle sauce….only 350 calories! But you can customize any sandwich with dressing on the side and no cheese!

Papa John’s pizza “The Works”….veggies and 2 kinds of meat…Only 240 calories for 1 slice! That’s 1/8 of a pizza. The trick is to practice portion control - stop after 1 slice (okay, maybe 2 slices).

A few healthy fast food tips

Here’s what to do when faced with eating at a fast food restaurant. You know what’s fattening and what’s not. Generally, cheese and any kind of mayonnaise-based dressing. Bread, unless it’s whole grain and high fiber, is going to add calories. What you have to decide is what is worth the cost in calories.

You might be surprised to experience how a tomato can add a lot of moisture to a sandwich and there’s no need for the sauce or the pizza tastes better with veggies and no meat. Try everything once and remember to make wise choices.

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