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Holiday Weight Gain

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How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday weight gain soemthing you're worried about? It's a topic that's on most everyone's mind.

It starts at Thanksgiving and isn't over until January 1 when the New Year's Resolutions to finally lose that weight kick in.

So how do you cope?

The good news is that it's not as bad as you think. A 2000 study by the National Institutes of Health revealed that the average adult weight gain for the holidays was only 1 pound instead of 5 to 10 pounds. Maybe that extra weight you feel you might have gained has probably creeped up all through the year and you're just noticing it now.

Eat well through the holidays and into 2008 with the Zone Diet.

First, make a plan for the parties. Be realistic and admit that you are probably going to indulge yourself at some point during the holidays. If you don't, you may very well lose control and not be able to avoid holiday weight gain. However, if you plan it right, you can still enjoy the goodies without completely blowing it.

Decide that you are only going to indulge in those holiday goodies on the actual holiday event. Then, make it special. Choose the very best and really enjoy it.

Once you've had your holiday treat, go right back to your healthy diet and exercise program. If you�ve been faithful to follow a healthy diet the rest of the year, your metabolism should be able to weather your small indulgence.

Second, avoid the office buffet. You know what I'm talking about...when well-meaning co-workers bring in their home-baked goodies to share with everyone as their "gift" to the office. Bring your healthy lunch and stick to eating that instead.

Third, commit to your exercise plan no matter what. Even if you do eat something you shouldn�t eat, the exercise should burn up the extra calories so that holiday weight gain will be easily lost.

Fourth, when you are tempted to indulge beyond rational limits, remember that it is only food that we are talking about here. It does not have the power to make you happy, solve your problems or change your life. Meanwhile, the after-effects of bloating and holiday weight gain stay with you. All that you need so that you don�t feel deprived is just a little taste of your favorites. Don't waste calories on stuff you don't really like that much. And try not to get carried away with how good it tastes.

Most of all, be proud of the fact that you are watching your weight during the holidays. Most people who take advantage of the �eating season� will go on a diet New Year�s Day and will probably be back to their old habits within a week. Your commitment will have an excellent return on investment in the springtime when it's bathing suit season. You'll be ready!
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