How to Just Feel Better

So, you want to know how to just feel better. It�s not just about the weight anymore, is it?

Yeah sure, when you were in your 20�s, you wanted to lose weight.

Didn�t we all?

After gaining a few pounds, you could always go on the latest crash diet and be back to your regular weight.

But then you moved into your 30�s. Maybe you had a baby, or two or three.

The baby fat has become permanently embedded in your thighs, hips and stomach. There isn�t a quick fix anymore.

The old way of losing those few extra pounds doesn�t work; those 5 extra pounds turned into 10 pounds overweight and then 15 and 20.

Maybe more

Believe me, I�m all too familiar...

You talk about the weight problem with your husband, your sister, your mother, your girlfriends. You trade tips, you join a gym, you look for the answer but none comes.

Now, losing weight forever has become your never-ending obsession. You can�t think about anything else and it�s affecting your capacity to enjoy life. You want to know how to just feel better.

Then you turn 40. Or maybe 43 or 45.

Like me.

And now, it�s not just about losing the weight...

If you�re anything like I was�

You�re feeling fat, tired, and depressed about your weight problem.

Plus, menopause looms with the threat of even more added weight, hot flashes, moodiness and other *lovely* problems.

and it's not abouthow to just feel better, it's about your health.

Fatigue only adds to your misery. And there�s no solution in sight.

Maybe you�ve gone to the doctor and he or she delivers more bad news. You�re borderline diabetic with high cholesterol. Your doc takes out the prescription pad and starts writing.

Sound familiar yet? I�m telling you � been there � understand completely.

Then you realize that weight gain is just a side effect of even greater health challenges.

Which Came First??

Did the extra weight cause the more serious heath problem or does the health problem cause the weight gain?

Did the chicken or the egg come first?

Does it really matter?

All you know is something�s got to be done.

So you shift your focus to your health. And you come to realize, what Professor Linus Pauling concluded after years of research�

�You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.�

Even being overweight.

Yes, it�s true!

Doesn�t matter if it�s been about too much protein, carbohydrates or fat. Too many calories means your body has to work harder to assimilate it.

And eventually, you begin to gain weight because your body just can�t adjust anymore. And that can trigger other health problems.

Indeed, it is not about your weight anymore�it�s about your health!

Here�s how it works �

A normal, healthy body begins with protein-based cells, including our DNA, which are completely replaced every 6 months.

Sometimes during that process, defective cells are produced. If your immune system is in good health, your body can destroy these faulty cells. If not, you may begin to have health problems.

At other times, poor maintenance of our bodies...bad eating habits and no exercise...can cause health problems, too.

Healthy habits like exercise and nourishing our cells with healthy vitamins and minerals that are normally provided in our foods is the process God intended for us to use to stay healthy.

Our bodies require the proper balance of minerals and vitamins in the right form to be absorbed by our bodies in order to stay healthy.

Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies can't absorb the nutrients as well as they used to. In fact, by the age of 40, we can only absorb 50% of the nutrientswe could absorb when we were in our 20's.

We think that if we want to know how to just feel better, we turn to supplements for our nutrition. Even doctors are now recommending some supplementation. But there are so many to choose from�

How do you choose the best multivitamin and mineral supplement?

If you want to know how to just feel better, you need to choose a supplement that will be absorbed by your body properly.

Look for the word chelated on the multivitamin and mineral supplement that you choose. It means that the mineral is surrounded by an amino acid protein. The body's system recognizes it as a protein and it's allowed to enter the intestine. Once there, the amino acids are disassembled and the mineral is released for absorption by the body.

However, some minerals don't work well with all chelating agents so you need to look for for the words citrate, malate or aspartate next to the minerals name on the ingredients list.

I can recommend a good company that makes high quality supplements. If you'd like, request a catalog through the form below. I have to request your mailing address to mail your catalog but I promise to keep your personal information confidential.

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You will feel know how to just feel better if. . . supply your body with what it needs through healthy foods and supplements.

Once your body�s systems go back to healthy working order, you will know how to just feel better and experience increased energy that will help you exercise regularly which will lead to weight loss.

Don't be overwhelmed by the length of time it might take for you to see all these changes become real in your life and learn how to just feel better. Start with just one healthy habit at a time and you will eventually get to your goal if you're persistent.

A healthy body at a healthy weight and knwoing how to just feel better is possible for you!

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