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Uh-oh, perimenopause...prepare your mind and body now!

Are you experiencing perimenopause symptoms? Do you know what they are? Are you considering the use of hormone replacement therapy to manage your symtpoms? Would you rather use natural treatments for female health problems? If you are a mom approaching your 40's or already in your 40's, you might already be in perimenopause-the 5 to 10 year transitional state that happens before menopause. Sometimes extends beyond your last menstrual cycle when women still experience vaginal bleeding due to irregular periods of ovulation.

Have you thought about what course you are going to take...

. . .will it be Hormone Replacement Therapy? Estrogen Replacement Therapy? Progesterone Therapy? Will you try "natural" hormones? Or rely on herbal supplements to manage your symptoms? Can you change your diet now to prepare? What about exercise-does it really work to prevent bone loss?

Changes For Women - Herbal Menopause Relief
It's important to be prepared for menopause years before it happens because the health decisions you make now can influence whether or not you experience a smooth transition into the next phase of your life.

Also, many of the symptoms you experience can indicate other problems. Become aware of what's happening to your body so you can effectively treat any discomfort you might experience.

It's also important because you have a choice to make. Of course, hormone replacement therapy (HRT)is the most well known method of treatment for managing your body's changes but there are alternatives to HRT.

It's wise to take this time to educate yourself about the options available to you before you make the decision.

How your body is changing

As you get older, your body naturally decreases its production of estrogen. The changes that happen as a result of this decrease include:
    shorter or irregular periods

    shorter cycle length

    heavy menstrual flow

These changes can result in the perimenopause symptoms you might already be experiencing.

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