Can a vitamin for fatigue help increase your energy?

A lack of energy can sometimes be helped with a vitamin for fatigue. But what kind is best and how much should you take? First, let's see what nutrients might be missing in your diet that could cause your problem with fatigue.

Cause for fatigue?

Many people experience decreased energy when they go on a restricted calorie diet.

When you want to lose weight, you really need to do more than simply cut back on calories. You have to make sure you are cutting back on the right calories so that you have the body fuel you need to burn the other calories you are taking in.

The answer for chronic fatigue

The solution to this dilemma is to be selective in the type of "fuel" you are taking in and how and when it's being released.

Here are some healthy living tips that will help you overcome the normal everyday fatigue and the lack of energy that comes from dieting.

    Plan your meals with Timing, Balance and Variety in mind. Balanced meals (protein, complex carbohydrate and low fat) will make sure you are getting the right fuel into your body. Timing means you eat a healthy �power snack� or small meal every 2-3 hours. This will ensure that your body has a continuous flow of fuel to burn for energy and will keep your �motor� running. Variety means you vary your menu with good choices but not the same type of food so you will avoid boredom.

    Drink Water. You need 8 � 10 ounce glasses of water a day to just to replace your bodily fluids that you lose everyday just by breathing, urinating, through bowel movements and sweating. Try drinking a cold glass of water the next time your tired and see your fatigue will diminish.

    Get enough sleep. You should try to get 7-8 hours every night unless you are one of those people who aren't tired the next day on less sleep.

    Exercise just 30 minutes a day. Getting regular exercise will cause you to sleep better at night.

    What vitamin for fatigue should I take?

    The Bb complex - B,B6 and B12 vitamins - can provide a good source of a vitamin for fatigue. Also, 2 minerals can help increase energy: calcium and magnesium. They work together to produce adenosine triphosphate, the "key form of biologic energy". It's important to get a formulation of these 2 minerals in the correct balance and ratio of 2 parts magnesium to one part calcium. A liquid vitamin/mineral supplement is best since it ensures your body absorbs most of it quickly and effectively. Traditional pills only have, at best, a 10% absorption rate.
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    Other reasons for extreme fatigue

    You may have serious health reasons for experiencing fatigue. Make an appointment with your doctor if you suspect that you have one of these problems:
      chronic fatigue syndrome

      thyroid disorder

      abnormal adrenal function

      hormonal imbalances

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