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Zone diet is a way to balance protein, carbohydrate and fats in your diet so that your body is functioning normally. I am so excited about this diet because for the first time in my lifetime of diets, I understand how it works and it’s easy to do!

My friend told me about this diet and what really captured my attention was when she said you can eat carbs (bad carbs) as long as you eat protein along with it. That doesn’t mean you can eat anything you want. It means you can eat within the diet but if you occasionally want a cookie, you can have one as long as you eat it with a meal or snack and keep it in balance with a good protein.

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My results

The Zone diet book is easy to understand and to follow. I got the book and read through it in a week and incorporated a lot of the principles along the way until I finally did a whole day in the Zone.

In that week, I lost a pound and gained lots of energy and cut down on my carb cravings. I usually have a problem with eating at night and you know how popular “wisdom” says you shouldn’t eat past 7pm? The Zone actually advocates a bedtime snack because your body is getting ready to go on an 8 hour fast and it needs sustenance until the next meal.

I highly recommend you read the Zone book to get a complete understanding of the science behind the diet but I will try to explain it in a nutshell.

Keep in mind that all of the proteins and carbohydrates should be lean sources of meat and complex carbohydrates. These are the same “low glycemic” foods that are on other low carb” diets. The difference is in how and when the food is processed.

Keeping in Balance

Your body needs protein and carbohydrates to survive. The carbohydrates are needed for brain function and the protein for muscles and cells. When you eat a carb, your body releases insulin. If there’s too much insulin, it ends up being stored as fat. If you eat a balanced amount of protein before you eat the carb, your liver release glucagon, which is a “fat releaser”.

Keep these two chemicals in balance and you will burn your stored fat and eliminate fatigue and cravings. Fat is usually present in the protein you eat. As long as the fat you are eating is the lowest possible saturated fat, you are eating the right amount of fat.

Meals are divided into 3 meals and 2 snacks and you eat your food in protein blocks or carbohydrate blocks. You calculate how many protein blocks you need based on your current body fat, which the Zone Diet helps you calculate.

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