Success on a low carb diet plan

Can low carb diet plans be the best weight loss program for you? It's all about eating the right carbs in a balanced diet. Many people enjoy overall healthy living and better weight management as a result. But what about you...can it work for you?

The most effective low carb diet plan would be one where you avoid all refined sugars and white flour. But many people might find this food restriction hard to maintain. However, if you want to jump start your weight loss and metabolism, here's a healthy way to lose 5 pounds fast. You may even lose more but the plan will help you to be motivated and also to eliminate foods that are slowing your metabolism down and causing you to gain weight. Once you get the basics of how it works, you can modify it to suit your life.

Simple and Complex: low-carb-eating

Carbs are divided into 2 categories: simple and complex.

Simple carbohydrates are quickly broken down and released into your bloodstream, causing "spikes" in your insulin. Candy, baked goods and fruit juices fall into this category.

Complex carbohydrates take longer for your body to break down and send into your bloodstream. Insulin is released more slowly and your cells have time to absorb the glucose.

The risk of insulin resistance and diabetes is much lower with complex carbohydrates. Whole grain breads, vegetables and fruit are examples of complex carbs.

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Fiber and low carb diets

The recommended daily amount for fiber is 25 grams but if you really want optimum health, shoot for 40-60 grams per day.

There are 2 types of fiber-soluble and insoluble. Soluble can be dissolved in water and when it�s in your body, it can be dissolved in the liquid environment of your intestine and stomach. Insoluble fiber cannot be dissolved in water.

Fiber is important because it

    lowers risk of heart disease

    lowers risk of colon cancer

    combats cholesterol

    protects against diverticulosis

    prevents constipation by aiding digestion

    aids in weight control by helping you feel "full"

While sprinkling a fiber supplement on your food or occasionally eating a high fiber cereal is a great idea, it�s really better to include it in its whole forms, such as vegetables, fruits, salads, and other words, a balanced diet.

Soy beans can provide a tasty,low carb way to get your fiber requirement. Including enough fiber in your diet will help you lose weight and increase your overall digestive health.

Low carb products for low carb success

There are lots of low-carb products on the market to help you achieve success in your low carb diet plan. Here are some products and supplements that I have gathered while developing my own personal low carb diet plan. Choose which ones you would like to try and develop your own low carb diet plan.

It's been said that knowledge is power, so knowing what you know about low carb diets, with the low carb diet info you have gathered, figure out what will work for you.

Dreamfields Pasta I love it and so does my family. 5 grams of digestible fiber.

Uncle Sam cereal. Get plain and add your own raisins or other fresh fruit. Sprinkle a little Splenda on it along with your 1% or skim milk. Delicious and filling!

Soy Products from Dr. Soy provide low fat, low sugar, high fiber nuts, snacks and bars.

Fruits and vegetables in their whole forms...your easiest and best bets!

New healthy snack foods on the market that satisfy your cravings in a healthy way.

Tips for low-carb dieting

The downside of a low carb diet plan is that cutting carbohydrates completely out of your diet can cause problems like fatigue due to low blood sugar levels and inadequate intake of vitamins and minerals, constipation from lack of fiber intake and "bad" breath from the breakdown products of fats, called ketones.

Follow these tips to ensure a safe,healthy low carb diet plan.

    Balance carbohydrate intake with activity levels

    Maintain energy levels by including complex carbohydrates,such as fruits and vegetables in every meal or snack. Complex carbohydrates are normally low in fat and nutrient-rich. Combine with protein or a "good" fat for a satifying meal or snack.

    Include this glycemic index in your low carb diet plan for best results.
    Add a vitamin for fatigue to your daily regimen of healthy foods, water and exercise.

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