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Fitness and Exercising to Lose Weight

Fitness for busy moms is hard because most mothers don�t really have much time to think about sitehow to begin a health physical fitness program. But it's wise to make room for it in your daily life before you start to experience weight problems and other complications from an unhealthy lifestyle.

Too tired to exercise? Maybe you need to learn how to build stamina.

Are you looking for ways to get exercise into your busy schedule? Keep reading for tips and resources for busy moms�

How about some advice from a healthy and fit 40-ish mom?

Want to know how healthy your body is before you begin your new program? Here's a great tool... Get your free Fitness Analysis here!

How new Moms can find time to exercise

With a new baby, it�s difficult to take time for yourself and schedule physical activity into your day.

Unless you kept yourself in tip-top shape during your pregnancy, consult with your Ob/Gyn or family doctor before starting a new program.

Once you get the ok by your doc, keep in mind that just 30 minutes a day can make a big difference in your mental and physical health by helping manage your stress and keeping your body strong.

Here's your Tip of the Day

Finding Energy

When you are a busy mom, it is really hard to find energy to exercise. But here's the truth: if you start to exercise, you will have more energy. When you exercise, your body is forced to take more air in-breathe harder. When this happens, it energizes you. The more you do it, the more energy you will have!

If you lack energy or you are fighting fatigue all the time, you might be missing important nutrients in your diet.

Calorie Calculator Estimate how many calories you're burning when you're baking, when you're doing your yoga, or playing some basketball. So get clicking and find out how many calories you've burnt today!

A Step by Step Guide:How to Melt the Fat and Gain a Life is a comprehensive plan to get fit. It includes weekly menus, fitness routines and strategies to help you reach your goals. (Click on the graphic or link above for more information. Disable your pop-up blocker...new window opens.)


Cardio is short for "cardiovascular" and is designed to get your heart rate pumping. Recommended level is 3 times a week (5 times a week is a good gaol to shoot for if you're just starting out) for 25-45 minutes each session and reaching a target heart rate range of 60-90%. (Click on the link above to figure out what your THR is.)

Reaching your THR consistently during exercise sessions will
    improve your fitness level

    increase the amount of oxygen to your cells

    result in calories being used and fat being burned

To begin, build a "cardio break" into your day by taking a short walk with the baby. It�s great if there are other moms in your neighborhood who are interested in joining you. To find people to run (or walk) with in your neighborhood, look into see mommy run, a group that helps connect moms who would like a partner or group to walk with.

If you have a pool at your home or in your community, water aerobic exercise is a great way to get low impact cardio, solid strength-training, stay cool and have fun at the same time.

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Get Variety in your Workout

If you are exercising to lose weight, find a variety of ways to get your heart rate pumping. If you keep doing the same thing over and over, eventually your body will get used to it and you will see your calorie burning and weight loss efforts plateau.

Stretching,Toning and Strength-Training

It's important to stretch before exercising to b>avoid injury. Adding a strength-training component to your fitness plan will build muscles that aid your metabolism in burning fat. In fact, every 5 pounds of muscle on your body results in an increase in your metabolism of 250 calories. You should plan on doing this 2-3 times per week in order to be effective. For more information on what strength-training can do to for your body, click here. For the time-crunched, a circuit-training program is an efficient way to build cardio and stretching and toning in one workout. Many health clubs have these programs or you can build your own through resources on the web or at your library or bookstore.

If you are bothered by belly fat that won't go away no matter what you do, strength training can help...find out how!

Other Options

While the baby is taking a nap, check out what's on TV that will help you get some exercise. It�s a great resource for workout programs and nutritional advice. However, unless you have recording capability, it can be inconvenient to schedule a workout around the TV schedule. But check out the web site�it has a great �tool box� feature to assess your physical condition and a section with exercises to target specific parts of your body that you want to improve.

If your budget allows, join a good fitness club with a daycare feature. Many fitness clubs have met the need for quality child care in their facilities and have included mini programs for the kids while the moms are hard at work doing their own routines.

Of course, for an on-going resource of tips for fitting fitness into your daily life, subscribe to hlfm's ezine.

Keeping Your Family in Shape

More and more families are realizing the need to fit physical activity into their daily life.
  • Take a walk with your kids at night.
  • Get on your bikes or skates and ride around the neighborhood.
  • Go to the park and get on the swing with your kids.

  • As you show your kids how much fun it can be, you will start them on a lifelong habit of healthy living, too!

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