Are You Having Female Health Problems?

Most female health problems (problems with the female reproductive system) involve discomfort during the menstrual cycle and then become worse. In some cases, it can affect whether a woman can have children.

Women who are prone to these problems start having symptoms around the age of 35 but there are also cases of women having problems in their 20�s. In my experience, women are not made aware of the symptoms of female health problems until they actually start experiencing severe pain. The doctors I've seen haven't communicated to me very well about these problems. I don't really know why but it's caused me to search for answers on my own.

I hope to increase awareness about female health problems so that when (or if ) it starts happening to you, or a friend or family member, you wil be able to ask your doctor intelligent questions or offer advice to a loved one who's suffering.

How I Found Help

About 4 years ago, I started having problems with my period�blood clots, excessively painful cramps. I went to my doctor and he suggested low-dose estrogen birth control pills. I told him I didn�t do well on birth control pills but he convinced me to give them a try. Well, I did and just as expected, I experienced nausea and severe headaches. I decided a few days a month with cramps was better than this so I quit taking them.

The next year at my annual gynecological exam, the pain and clotting was more intense. Again, the doctor suggested birth control pills, another low dose estrogen variety but a different brand. I tried them and had the same result.

Another year passed and my periods were really getting bad. At one point, so bad I could barely move. My periods were lasting longer and the blood loss was more intense. I decided I needed a new gynecologist and found a great one. I told her what my symptoms were and what I had tried but hadn�t worked. Right away she recommended progesterone-only pills which improved my PMS symptoms. But by now, nothing would help the cramps and blood clotting so I had a laproscopy to diagnose what was really going on with my female reproductive system.

Why am I revealing all of my personal medical history? I learned one very important lesson in all this. Women need to be pro-active about our health care. Many times, doctors are very uncommunicative about what our symptoms mean and do not explain what could be happening until they have a definite diagnosis.

As soon as my new doctor started telling me what it might be, I was able to ask her questions and do the research on what she told me. I was then prepared to make the medical decisions I needed to make.

Solving Your Female Health Problem

So how do you solve your female health problem? Many times I wished I could wave a magic wand and my painful cramps would disappear. Since that wasn't an option, I tried to change the things over which I had some control.

Changes For Women - Herbal Menopause Relief

So I decided to lose weight. I also decided to take the best multivitamin and mineral supplement I could find because I knew that nutrition is the foundation to correcting any hormone imbalance in my body. Both of these strategies worked to a certain extent but I finally opted for the hysterectomy because I had done all I could do on my own. This is a personal decision and one that you shouldn't take lightly. Research your options well and find a trustworthy doctor.

Could you have one of these problems?

Here are some articles about �common� female health problems with further resources available to you that might help you find a solution to your particular problem.

Men can also have these health problems but women's symptoms and treatment can be different than what is prescribed for men.

Be sure to consult with your doctor if your period is unusually painful and ask him or her about any other symptoms you might be experiencing such as back aches that don't come from an injury or abdominal pain.

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