How weight-watcher-plan is working for me...

Follow my weekly progress in the weight-watcher-plan.(Hereafter known as ww Scroll down for more information about the ww plan and how I got started.

Weekly Updates

Week 1 I only lost a pound! I thought I had done so much better than that. My instructor said sometimes it takes a couple of weeks to see significant weight loss. I also think that since I allowed myself to get very hungry a few times, my body probably went into �starvation mode� and held on to the weight. My commitment in Week 2 of my weight-watcher-plan is to eat snacks between meals. Healthy snacks!

Week 2 I'm so excited...I lost almost 3 pounds and I did it while I traveled to Savannah. I stayed on the plan the first day, the second day, I didn't count points at all but I walked a lot. The third day I gradually got back into the Flex plan. Otherwise, this week, I ate more good stuff and used all of my flex points. I also increased Omega 3 amounts. I moved a lot more, too, not just in exercising but in my everyday activities. Next week, I am going to continue what I started last week. Increase my exercise a little and possibly add some strength training.

Week 3 After the weekend in Savannah and then Easter and it's after-affects, I only lost 2/10 of a pound. Actually, I should feel pretty good about that since I really enjoyed my food choices when we were in Savannah and also on Easter. I ate chocolate, too. The only problem with indulging like that for just one day is that it's hard to snap back into the discipline.

Week 4 Today the weight watcher meeting topic was Feedback and motivation was one of the things we discussed. You always have to remember your goal and think about the reason why you are trying to lose weight. Maintaining your motivation when the scale and the other indicators have you at a plateau is tough. I am hanging in there even though I only lost 4/10 of a pound. I left the meeting...motivated!

Week 5 With a loss of .6, I have officially lost another pound, which means I've lot a total of 1 pound in the last 2 weeks! I have averaged 1/2 pound, so I guess that's pretty good. Better than nothing!

I had a tough week, too, of fighting hunger. I've figured out that I need to work with my body. I am never hungry in the morning, it always hits at supper time and beyond. So, I need to save most of my points for the afternoon instead of trying to spread them out over the day. Tried it yesterday and I wasn't hungry like I usually am after dinner.

Going to the weight-watcher meetings helps because you can always talk to the people who've gone before you and most of the time, everyone has a different solution to your problem. It's good to get other people's perspectives so you can figure out what works best for you.

I tried the weight watcher brand Ranch twists...made from whole grain, only 2 points and very filling! (They were on sale so I bought a box.)

Week 6 Another 6/10 of a pound lost...pretty good considering I went to Universal Studios for my daughter's band trip and threw caution to the wind! I used up all of my flexpoints and then some but the last 2 days I really knuckled down with workouts and my food.

Throwing caution to the wind is not the way to do ww. I hope that at some point my weekends get under control. No more holidays or special events, please, until I lose all this weight!

Today I went to a different class which I like much better. The "counselor" is very good about starting and ending on time. Today, she talked about the amount of pounds lost that weight watcher considers healthy: 1/2 pound to 2 1/2 pounds a week. So I guess I'm doing all right.

Week 7 Not a good week for me. Gained 1.6 pounds...hmmmm. Not surprised since I am losing steam in my motivation. I expected to lose more than .5 pounds a week and it's discouraged me, to be honest. Tired of counting points, too.

I think it might be time for me to try the weight-watcher Core plan but I am really hesitant to try it because I am wary of restrictive diets. However, it's not really restrictive...just healthy. Yes, restrictive for stuff I shouldn't be eating anyway and isn't that the point? Cutting out the bad stuff and only eating good much of it as I want!

Truth be told, I am too lazy to actually look at the list of foods that are allowed. I need to get with it!

Why I joined the weight-watcher-plan

I joined Weight Watchers� Turnaround� program at the end of March 2006. It felt like a desperate measure for me to take but I know that I need a focused, structured weight-watcher-plan with accountability.

At the beginning of the year, I considered going into the weight loss plan offered by my fitness center but the weight watcher plan is about 2/3 of the cost and to me, it�s a proven program because the last time I joined (12 years ago), I did pretty well.

It has really changed, though and I really like how it�s changed. Last time, you had to count how many vegetable servings, protein servings you had, blah blah blah. Now, as I�m sure you�ve heard, it�s the �point system�.

I thought my points target in my weight-watcher-plan was pretty high�until I actually did a day on it! Then, I realized that while I might have been eating healthy, I was eating a LOT of healthy�more than I needed. And all that extra healthy food was getting stored as FAT!

I signed up for the 10 week program because I know it will take me at least that long to get to goal. I don�t remember if they did this the last time but my first mini-goal in my weight-watcher-plan is t lose 10% of my current weight. After that, I will set the ultimate goal, which should take me another 10 weeks (or less, I hope). Once I reach that, I am done!

Motivation to lose weight

My primary motivation for losing this weight is the fact that I have a doctor�s visit looming in my future. I have high LDL cholesterol and if I don�t bring those numbers down, I will have to go on medication; some type of statin (cholesterol drug).

While I have heard that these are very safe and effective to control cholesterol, I am already on 2 prescription medications that I absolutely need. I really don�t want to add a third prescription medicine at my age. I�m not even 50 years old yet! I�ll have to get one of those weekly pill minders that you get at the drug store.

My secondary motivation is of course, looking svelte. My goal weight is less than what I weighed before I had my first child. I am not trying to be a �skinny minny� either, because it is the recommended weight for my age according to all the health charts. I am determined to get there!

Using Advocare with the weight-watcher-plan

One thing that I am using in addition to all the Weight Watchers� Turnaround� tools (Weight Watchers� does not endorse the use of Advocare products) is Advocare� Products. It works with the weight-watcher-plan because Advocare supports a healthy eating and exercise plan; it doesn't try to replace it. It�s actually made the adjustment to eating less an easier process. (Weight Watchers� does not endorse the use of Advocare products.)

Here�s how I am including Advocare in my weight-watcher-plan:

  1. Thermoplus - 2 capsules when I get up in the morning, 30 minutes before I eat.
  2. Fiber Drink - before breakfast. 10 grams of fiber!
  3. Carb Ease - 3 capsules 15 minutes before lunch, if needed. If I�m eating a protein heavy lunch, it�s not necessary.
  4. OmegaPlex - 4 after lunch. I am working up to 6 a day, since that is the recommended dose of Omega 3 oil for cholesterol issues.
  5. CorePlex - multivitamin with lunch.
  6. Spark - in the afternoon. Only one point and it helps with minor hunger pangs and gives me energy.
  7. Crave Check - before dinner. Helps to fight evening snacking and it works.

I am not taking MNS Appetite Control. I feel that since I have been taking it so long, I need to give my body a break and stop for awhile. Obviously, it has gotten used to what it does for me so I am hoping it will shock my body if I do something different.

Ultimately, my plan is to go off of everything but the OmegaPlex, Coreplex and Fiber Drink. I will use the other products only as needed. I also use FiboTrim (fat absorbing) when necessary but I am focusing on following the Weight Watchers� Turnaround� plan to the letter with Advocare Products as a tool to reach my goal.

If you want to keep tabs on how I�m doing, bookmark this age for weekly updates

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