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Insulin Resistance and weight loss

Insulin resistance can make it hard for you to lose weight. Learning about this disorder can help you to learn techniques for burning the fat you've got stored away and also help you prevent weight gain in the future. As you probably already know, Insulin resistance is when your body does not process blood sugars correctly.

Here's how it works: You eat food. Food is converted into glucose. Your pancreas secretes insulin so that your glucose can be converted to energy and used by the cells.

The cells produce insulin receptors that let the glucose into the cell. If you have too much insulin in your bloodstream, the cells produce less insulin receptors which means a lot of the glucose fails to get moved into your cells.

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What is insulin resistance?

Excess glucose in your bloodstream causes your pancreas to incease production of insulin which still can't be picked up by the cells because there aren't enough insulin receptors to do the job. The cycle continues until the glucose eventually gets stored as fat to be used by your body later for energy.

The glucose is stored in your cells until it's needed by your body. Your body uses the calories you�re taking in for energy and never really goes into the stored fat unless absolutely necessary, usually when you are taking in less calories than you are using. And that�s why people who have this problem are overweight. A good diet and exercise plan will help access that stored fat and also prevent too much insulin from being in your bloodstream.

Danger signs

If the pancreas overproduces insulin, it will eventually break down and be unable to produce insulin. That's when you develop Diabetes and other health problems can result.

High cholesterol

high ratio of bad (HDL)cholesterol to good (LDL) cholesterol

high blood pressure

central obesity (fat stored in the abdomen)

high triglyceride levels

A lab test will help your doctor diagnose the problem.

How to reverse it

There are several things you can do to reverse insulin resistance. First, begin eating a healthy, balanced diet. This includes the right ratio of protein fats and carbohydrates.

Add 30 minutes of regular exercise

Lower your carbohydrate intake

Include more omega 3 fatty acids in your diet.

How it affects Fat

Many people think insulin resistance only happens if you eat too much sugar. Well, it can also happen if you eat the wrong kinds of fat or too much fat. When you eat fats, insulin is also released to either use or store those fats. When it�s stored, you have fat (or trigycerides), which can result in heart disease. The doctors who wrote the book "Protein Power LifePlan" say that sometimes certain supplements can help manage the problem They recommend the following:

Magnesium 400-600 mg per day

Chromium Picolinate 200-1000 micrograms per day

Vitamin E 400-800 IU per day

Alpha-lipoic acid 200-600 mg per day

Co-enzyme Q10 100-300 mg per day

The information on this page should not be used to diagnose,treat, prevent or cure any disease. If you have symptoms of diabetes, please see your doctor for professional advice.

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